Craft of Preaching

Perspective Matters

Let’s rename this story. The Prodigal Son? Doesn’t really work for me. Why? I am not that son. I am the older brother, the “Really Ticked-Off

Longing for More

One more year. That’s all I need. One more year. One more month. One more week. One more day. Of course, the fig tree doesn’t get a choice in

Preaching the Prodigal

Dear Working Preacher,

I’m not sure that there’s a more beloved story in the Bible than that of the Prodigal Son. Ralph Waldo Emerson called

The Prodigal Son and the Country of God

Dear Working Preacher,

Every once in a while you get a glimpse into another country, the country of God. Oh, I know, sometimes it's called "kingdom," but