Craft of Preaching

Ten Questions to Consider When Seeking Sermon Feedback

This past week I had the privilege of preaching at the congregation where my family and I currently worship.

Unlike when I "guest preach" in other locations

Natural Gratitude

Though shopping mall merchants might prefer an orgy of consumerism from Halloween to Christmas, we need November's quiet pause for gratitude for all God

That’s One Crowded Pulpit

I have been on more call committees in my life than I care to admit.

One thing I noted in looking over the mobility papers of clergy is that roughly 95%

In Autumn

Autumn has crept into the northern realms of North America with all its buttery, soft light and golden shadows, and sighing, blustery days.

The sky has

Reading Text in a Hat Shop

Something about unpacking unearths forgotten memories.

A few weeks ago, in my unpacking, I ran across an old calendar containing pictures from Crowns: Portraits

Trading Our Birthright?

Do we see ourselves as part of the magnificent community created by God to live in harmony, or do we, like Esau, trade our birthright for a momentary mess

Now That’s Commitment!

I was taught that there is a clear divide between preaching Law and preaching Gospel.

Law talks about what we should do; Gospel talks about what God does,

The Whole of Heaven and Earth

One of my least appealing personal characteristics is that I compare myself to others.

Still, at this age, you'd think that life would rub that out of you

The Great Community

This monthly column will point out environmental dimensions in upcoming lectionary passages and suggest ways to bring God's creation into our preaching

Obstacle Course

I never thought I'd say this, but we at St. John's have possibly the most exclusive church in the nation right now.

The obstacles to entering our church

So Nothing Will Be Lost

Every now and then, a preacher just hits a dead spot, a writer's block where one looks at the text and there seems to be nothing to say.

We are heading

Of Plumb Lines and Preaching

It was one of those mornings right after the move to our seminary apartment that I thought I would sleep in, when I was awakened quite early by the beep-beep

Not Feeling the Love

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.  John 13:35


It took a vacation trip 2,000 miles away

Pray, and Let God Worry

"Pray, and let God worry."

I found this quotation on the internet. You'd think it might be an inspirational saying cross-stitched onto a pillow or a poster

Humanizing the Word

So often our parishioners forget that the texts of the Bible were written to and about real people whose circumstances were surprisingly similar to ours