Craft of Preaching

Jesus Loves Brett Favre

There's been a lot of fuss recently in our state.  Turns out Brett Favre decided to come out of retirement to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

If you

Jesus Loves Bread and Ashes

God loves doing things that surprise us.

...Not in that creepy stand behind doorways "gotcha" sort of way, but in that way of being asked to dance by someone

Set a spell; take your shoes off. Y'all come back now, y' hear?

The one thing church should feel like is home.

Well, maybe not home, but at least a home away from home. A place like a repair shop for the heart, where

Broken Hearts

This past week I attended a conference in Chicago.

The title and theme of the conference was "Theology and Peace," a pairing of themes that seems slightly

How To Become a Christian Apologist

If you're a Christian and you admit it, you are bound to be caught up in a discussion with someone about God.

I'm afraid there is no way out of it. Often,

How to Make Culture More Relevant

Once or twice a year, I take off to a small working class suburb of Indianapolis to study prayer and community with a bunch of Benedictine nuns, all of

Moving Into Lent

It all started with a dazzling white robe and a few words uttered by Peter in terror and perhaps some naivete. "It is good for us to be here" (Mark 9:5).

I poked the Pope but he didn’t poke back

It turns out that the pope has his own channel on YouTube. The Vatican channel.

But he doesn't have a Facebook page. Yet.

I'm supposed to write about culture,

The Year of Mark or When the Small Birds Seem Elsewhere

Without small birds, the world would be very quiet.

In fact, it would hardly make a sound. In January the northern hemisphere is locked in silence and,

“The Sky is Falling. No Really.”

Each year in Advent, these apocalyptic texts come to us and we preachers, or at least those who love the season, struggle to imbue them with the passion

Hey Jesus, the Eschaton Keeps Touching Me

We are nearing Advent, and a new church year church is beginning.

We have scoured and scraped ourselves through the book of Matthew with all its blessings

“Sin and grace and slouching beasts”

Grace has been on my mind recently, simply because I've been thinking a lot about sin.

Sadly, it has occurred to me that my vices are far bolder than my

The First Commandment, or The Hidden Promise

I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods.

Through time, or if we're blessed to receive it, we begin to comprehend that we, with all the other

To the Newly Ordained

In a way, ordination is all about you.

It is about a red stole and the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit is working in your life. It is about all the details

Part 2: Just How Far Faith Can Span

It turns out that none of us are really cut out for the human condition, because it's true what Flannery O'Connor said about faith being what you know to