Craft of Preaching

A Toast to Rhonda. And to Jesus. (Foster’s Lager, please)

It feels like I write a lot about death. So, this time, I will write one little story about death, and an even bigger story about life.

It hasn't even been

It’s Already Been Redeemed

The days seem heavy lately, and it's not just the tides or the seasons.

If you turn on CNN at anytime and read the banner that scrolls across the bottom

One Faithful Life

It's a terrible and difficult thing for our world to lose someone as beautiful as Ella.

Someone who leads the rest of us poor souls through the human maze

To Anna, and All 3rd Grade Existentialists:

Last week, on one of those hazy, hot summer days, one of those days when jet streams buckle and the earth seems troubled by the dour looks coming from the

Topical Preaching or “At The End of the World There Will Be Snacks”*

I tend not to be a topical preacher, impossibly dependent upon the lectionary. So, each week, I fervently search the assigned texts, hoping one will capture

Some Days Are Just Lonelier than Others

A few years ago at one of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's synod assemblies, pastors and other lay leaders who had made a difference in parish

I Use a Powerful Antiperspirant But I Still Sweat A Lot

After working this past semester as an adjunct professor in preaching, I realized once again how daunting our task is.

As preachers, you must not only mix

Images of God

In my neighborhood book club, which I adore because we're such a sweet, quirky, yearning mixed bag of people, it was brought up by one of the group members

Part Two: C*****anity: What if the Church Could Get Rid of Christ?”

It would certainly be easier, and perhaps more effective, to have a church without him (Jesus).

Culture would be placated. At least that's the chant from

“Part One: C*****anity: What if the Church Could Get Rid of Christ?”

During these weeks of Lent, it might be nice to consider what the church could look like if we got rid of Jesus, especially the hard stuff.

The stuff about

Eat the Watermelon and Spit Out the Seeds

I was thinking a lot about my friend Angie Shannon this week.

She is a Lutheran pastor somewhere in Ohio. She is wise and funny and smart, and a smart aleck.

Yes Francis, We Still Need Jesus

Now that we are a decade into the twenty first century, all sorts of articles, editorials, and news stories are appearing 'reflecting upon' the last ten

Wild Mercy

Waiting and preparation shape these days of Advent, two thousand years ago and today.

In this season of Advent, a season defined and determined by faith,

This Temporal Heaven

One of the great joys of being Christian is not being with other Christians.

So, I am grateful for a group of women in my neighborhood that provide me with

Romans 8 or Paul Spills the Beans about Christ’s Love

I just emailed my cousin who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Before I did, I checked the weather, and it is over 100 degrees there.

I was born in Arizona, as