Craft of Preaching

The Girl in the Red Dress

Anyone who takes the time to read this column has some sense about what it means 'to be church'.

It doesn't matter what your denominational lineage, somewhere

It Ain’t That Pretty

Easter is the season when someone on the worship committee figures out how to order lilies online and any 5th grade boy who can play the trumpet and pull

Marriage and the Art of our Mortality

There are two kinds of pastors: those who love presiding at weddings and those who do not.

I fall squarely into the latter category (although if I performed

This Bible Life?

If you're like me, words matter.

One reason is that we who are preachers feel somehow called to proclaim this good news about Jesus Christ week after week,

Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation

The new year is upon us with all its worries and woes.

Both in our nation and our world there is anxiety over fragile economies, global warming, and sectarian

That’s Your Opinion

A few weeks ago, I was talking with an old college friend about the bible.

She left the mainline denomination in which she had been raised for a charismatic

Okay, I Have No Friends but I Do Have Good News

Last week in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, there was a small blurb stating the obvious:

"Most Clergy are Lonely." This counts as news. 'News' these days

Even More Than Enough

Some people run into trouble in these shortening, darkening days.

The seasons slip over them like a shroud and it feels like one must psychically hunker

Post Modernism is Dead

Alan Kirby, professor of English literature in Oxford, England has written in the latest issue of the magazine Philosophy Now that post modernism is officially

Is There Anything New Under The Sun?

A few weeks ago, my colleague and I were invited to a 'mainline' church to speak as part of an adult forum series on new things happening in the church.

Pastoral Burnout

It's been a rough go the past couple of years, for a lot of us.

Our nation's anxiety is at an all-time high because the world and the economy are limping

Jesus is Everywhere

In the Easter story from John's gospel Jesus is sort of incognito, at least to Mary Magdelene, if not to us.

Mary mistakes him for the gardener which echoes

Is it worth it?

It is the season of Lent, a strange time when someone wiser and kinder than ourselves comes into our midst and speaks hard truths.

In a few hours, I'll

A Deeper 'Yes'

It seems the whole world is imploding, or at least its governments.

This past month not only have governments risen up against their leadership in the Middle

Words Matter. At Least to Us.

One of my dearest mentors, Sheldon Tostengard, said that as Christians we are not called to love everyone - because we can't - but at least we can be polite.