Craft of Preaching

Wisdom Wears Sensible Shoes

Evening falls, another moment comes and goes, the voices rise and fall, each day a gift, each evening scented with lilacs or drying wheat or smoke, depending

The Four Gospels: My (Quirky and Beloved) Neighbors

I was talking with my friend Nadia Bolz-Weber about why we need four gospels.

We talked about how the gospels are embodied, real, and so much so that you

A Very Rare Flower

“As we continue to watch the regrowth, nature’s ability to recover after a fire is truly amazing and worth emulating. I challenge you to go

Visions and Raspberries and Redemption

It turns out that the center of the Milky Way might smell like rum and taste a bit like raspberries. Ethyl formate, one of the molecules that gives raspberries

Ashamed of Me and Mine

When I saw Pope Francis lean over and kiss that severely disabled man in the crowd at his inaugural mass, I was almost undone. What I saw was my sister’s

It's A Dog's Life

It’s an awful and unwanted grief but this year we’re giving up our dog for Lent.

We hope not to make it a practice. Sitka is a seventeen or

How To Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

My dear friend, Megan Gunnar, is the director of the Institute for Childhood Development at the University of Minnesota.

I think she’s as surprised

Enmeshed in Light

Last month, I attend a conference called “The Forgiving Victim.”

James Alison, a brilliant theologian and an unbelievably kind man, led the

Out of Nowhere

My mom called and complained that “it had gotten down to forty degrees” in Los Angeles and people were hauling out the heavy parkas.

I remember

Chronic Illness: Nothing is Certain, but Everything is Safe

All too often, what seems like a burden or a curse bears a blessing just below its surface.

I've discovered this again and again, although I never seem

In Autumn

Autumn has crept into the northern realms of North America with all its buttery, soft light and golden shadows, and sighing, blustery days.

The sky has

The Whole of Heaven and Earth

One of my least appealing personal characteristics is that I compare myself to others.

Still, at this age, you'd think that life would rub that out of you

So Nothing Will Be Lost

Every now and then, a preacher just hits a dead spot, a writer's block where one looks at the text and there seems to be nothing to say.

We are heading

Pray, and Let God Worry

"Pray, and let God worry."

I found this quotation on the internet. You'd think it might be an inspirational saying cross-stitched onto a pillow or a poster

Our Only Real Home

Some days it feels like little bits of you drift away. Other days, it feels like whole pieces of you go missing.

That's how grief works; it can slowly erode