Craft of Preaching

Preaching Moment 246: Eric Barreto

Eric Barreto talks about returning to the biblical text to add depth to theology that may grow empty over time.

Preaching Moment 196: Eric Barreto

Eric Barreto talks about why he loves to teach and preach the gospels.

On Truth and Truthiness

To the creation of new words there is no end.

Every year, our dictionaries grow incrementally. In 2005, comedian and occasional theologian Stephen Colbert

Preaching Acts

Representing fully one quarter of the New Testament, Luke-Acts is as central to the shape of the NT as any other part of the canon.

These two texts contain

Preaching Moment 156: Eric Barreto

Eric talks about how diversity affects our preaching.

A God Who Breaks All Our Rules

Looking back, I am surprised that moving from Puerto Rico to Louisiana wasn't more traumatic than it was.

When I was nine years old, my family left a tiny

“And How is It that We Each Hear…?”1: Preaching and Ethnic Diversity

The election season leading up to the election of Barack Obama precipitated a number of conversations about the specter of race in the US.

Quite common

Don’t Try This at Home

Fine print tends to spoil things.

It lists side effects, caveats, and warnings which if printed in bold print would dissuade you from using the product.

Can We Talk?

Facebook and blogs have put into sharp relief an old but troubling American tradition. 

Political discourse in this country has never been polite.

With Fresh (But Tired) Eyes

Pardon any misspellings, lackluster syntax, or occasional split infinitive in this brief article. I am working with a bit of a sleep deficit.

About a month

A Review: Inception

Summer blockbusters frequently have to choose between ambition and spectacle.

The latter typically draws on explosions and CGI to draw in the masses. The

Preaching Moment 124: Eric Barreto

Eric talks about WorkingPreacher offering Spanish gospel commentary and the opportunities that creates.

Goal or Gol?

Bill Simmons, a writer for, recently tweeted that his wife was anxiously looking forward to a day when she was not greeted by the sound of thousands

Preaching in the Wake of Lost

After six years of shocking turns, mysterious symbols, and powerful stories, the television series Lost came to a widely watched and dissected end last

The Gospel According to Ebert and the Homiletical Voice

When I hear someone complain that Twitter is simply a space for narcissists to announce their choice of breakfast, I can't help but think of Roger Ebert.