Craft of Preaching

Dear Working Preacher

Insights, ideas and inspiration related to the coming week's lectionary texts.

Dogs and the Kingdom of God

I tend to think that the more challenging or difficult a passage, the more likely it is to lead to a great sermon. Which means, of course, that there should

Ordinary Saints

Dear Working Preacher,

There are, it seems, at least two choices before us on this Sunday.

First, we can enter back into our pilgrimage through Mark. If

Bread of Life Sermon Series

Dear Working Preacher,

One of the most pervasive and influential aspects of our common church life today is, I believe, the relative unfamiliarity of our


Will you forgive me if I invite a terribly simple theme for a sermon that focuses mainly on just one verse? Well, with your forgiveness or without it ☺,

Tell the Truth Twice

Dear Working Preacher,

Good night, but I find this a difficult passage to preach on! The easy way to preach it, I suppose, is to render it a morality tale.

Something to Do

Dear Working Preacher,

There's something kind of raw about Mark's account of Jesus' life that I sometimes find disconcerting but almost always find invigorating.

Come As You Are

Dear Working Preacher,

This week's gospel reading is perfect for all the people who don't have it all together. Now, I know what you may be thinking: that

Faith and Fear

Dear Working Preacher,

What are you afraid of?

I ask that because I have a hunch that we're rarely aware of just how significant a role fear plays in

Mission Possible

Dear Working Preacher,

There are two parables here. I'm going to focus on the second. Why? Because I think it holds both the secret to the kingdom and

Out of Our Minds

Dear Working Preacher,

What do you think -- does preaching have to be a little crazy to be gospel preaching? Or, to put it only slightly differently: do

Divine Relationship

Dear Working Preacher,

Here's my rule-of-thumb regarding the Trinity: People who say they understand it aren't to be trusted. I mean, well, the Trinity

Pentecost Change

Dear Working Preacher,

Because Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit, we usually offer special prayers that the Holy Spirit will fall afresh

The Other Lord's Prayer

Dear Working Preacher,

I'll ask you again to do both me and you a favor by reading just beyond the bounds of the appointed lectionary passage. A few weeks

Love & Obedience

Dear Working Preacher,

We're still in the "farewell discourses," which means that I'm still struggling with how to approach the sermon. That being said,

Getting Real

Dear Working Preacher,

Okay, I'll just come out and say it: I don't where to go with this passage. To be honest, on the whole I find the farewell discourses