Craft of Preaching

Dear Working Preacher

Insights, ideas and inspiration by David Lose related to the coming week's lectionary texts.

What Kind of Community Will We Be?

Dear Working Preacher,

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just break down and admit that you don't much like the appointed gospel reading?

Get Off the Couch and Into the Game!

Dear Working Preacher,

Don't be fooled by your dim recollections of Charlton Heston's Moses. This passage isn't about a timid exile's reverent first meeting

The Butterfly Effect

Dear Working Preacher,

What if I were to tell you...

...that what you do this week could change the world?

Would you believe me? Imagine it so? Smile

All Are Welcome

Dear Working Preacher,

I want to ask you do a hard thing. I think you'll gain a lot from trying it, but I'll understand if you don't want to. It's risky.

The Road Less Traveled

Dear Working Preacher,

There are two ways to preach this story from Matthew. And a lot hangs on which one you choose.

The first tack -- the more familiar

"Tell Me Your Name"

Dear Working Preacher,

Get ready. This week's reading from Genesis betrays one of the most popular lies of our culture. We've all been told it. Even more

Not Just for Funerals

Dear Working Preacher,

When I was a kid, I had this recurring nightmare: my mom was walking away from me, out of our back door, through our yard, into

Learning to See

Dear Working Preacher,

Do you ever stop to wonder what the Bible is? We read it, preach it, sing it, but do we stop to think about what it really is or,

What will you do....?

Dear Working Preacher,

You're probably not going to want to do this. And I understand. Honestly. After all, what I'm going to ask you may seem goofy,


Dear Working Preacher,

What do you think is the most difficult word in the English language? Would it be "lachrymose" (causing tears, tearful) or "contumacious"


Dear Working Preacher,

Looking for a chance to name an element of the Christian faith that a) addresses issues that have occupied the headlines our people

Reclaiming the Great Commission

Dear Working Preacher,

I'll admit, I don't have statistics to back this up yet, but I'm still willing to wager a considerable sum on the proposition that

Pentecost Paradoxes

Dear Working Preacher,

What would you say if I suggested that we regularly misinterpret Pentecost? Actually, not just misinterpret it a little, but generally

Left Behind For Good!

Dear Working Preacher,

One of the most profound promises of all of Scripture is hidden in this text. It has the power to transform the way we understand

What the Holy Spirit Really Looks Like

Dear Working Preacher,

Have you ever seen the Holy Spirit? (No, that's not a trick question.) Seriously, then: have you seen the Spirit? No, of course