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Dear Working Preacher

Insights, ideas and inspiration related to the coming week's lectionary texts.

When Will Your Next Pentecost Be?

Dear Working Preacher,


Though I am normally cautious to generalize from my particular experience, when it comes to Pentecost I’m going to

The Power of Being Prayed For

Dear Working Preacher,


What you do matters. I’ve said that before, and I’ll say it again.




Because it’s

Commands and Promises

Dear Working Preacher,


A quick but HUGE word of thanks before jumping into this week's readings. We met every challenge (netting an additional

On Loving - and Not Loving - One Another

Before getting started, Working Preacher, a quick word of thanks: the response to both our new donor challenge and the Sermon Brainwave challenge (where

Following and Believing

Dear Working Preacher,

We need your help. We’re at a critical point in trying to make sustainable through the gifts of its users.

Commissioned Yet Again

Dear Working Preacher,

For years I’ve enjoyed calling John the “oddball gospel” because of its many idiosyncrasies.

John’s preference

The Never-Ending Story

Dear Working Preacher,

At our annual Celebration of Biblical Preaching in October 2011, Walter Brueggemann suggested that the primary challenge facing

If It's Not Hard to Believe, You're Probably Not Paying Attention!

Dear Working Preacher,

One of the common elements of the resurrection stories across the gospels is that no one expects the resurrection. Even though Jesus

A More Important Question

Dear Working Preacher,

We are close, now, to the end. For the last five weeks we have traced Jesus steps toward the cross and this Sunday we reach the

Questions about Discipleship

Dear Working Preacher,

First and foremost, a word of thanks. Your comments in response to my column last week offered a profound testimony to the power

Preaching the Prodigal

Dear Working Preacher,

I’m not sure that there’s a more beloved story in the Bible than that of the Prodigal Son. Ralph Waldo Emerson called

When Bad Things Happen

Dear Working Preacher,

Some biblical passages, like some flammable materials, should probably carry a warning label: handle with care. This story –

Re-Imagining God

Dear Working Preacher,

I want to start with a question: how did you react to the name of this column being “Re-imagining God.” Did it make

Trust and Temptation

Dear Working Preacher,

I sometimes wonder if temptation is one of those things we have a hard time talking honestly about in the church. I think we worry

Learning to Pray

Dear Working Preacher, 

Over the last couple of years I’ve developed something of a mantra about the task facing this generation’s leaders